Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Makeup Brush Madness

March Madness has officially arrived.

For many, that means brackets, bets and endless hours of boyish banter about who chose the best picks.  For me, on the other hand, it means BRUSHES!  Lots and lots of BRUSHES!

Huh?  That’s probably what you’re thinking right now, correct?  I understand.  Please allow me to explain.

I went crazy this month.  No not in terms of basketball.  Not even in terms of make-up.  Nope.  This month…I went batty over BRUSHES!  Make-up brushes!  All kinds.  All colors.  All creeds.

OK…maybe ‘all creeds’ was overkill.  But you get my drift.

I don’t exactly know why I chose this month to lose it.  Honestly, up until about two months ago, all I ever needed to achieve a flawless face of make-up were my fingers, those little spongey applicators that come with the cheap Cover Girl eyeshadows and a MAC 129SE blush brush that I got in a holiday travel set years and years ago.  Truth be told, I didn’t even know how to use most brushes.  I simply used the methods I knew best, on myself and on my ‘clients’ (TRANSLATION: Family & desperate, makeup-challenged friends)  *gasp*

Then came YouTube…


…and lilpumpkinpie05

…and AllThingsFab101

…and beautybyjj

…and MakeupByLeinaBaaaby

…and prettygyrl83

Curse you women!  (TRANSLATION:  I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOO MUCH!!!!)  I hold each of you partly responsible for my newly extended addiction!  I blame you ladies for the little United Nation of brushes that I’ve managed to amass in just under 30 days – pinks, purples, turquoises, blacks!  Ahhhhhh!  I had to have them allllll!  

And now – I have to learn how to use them…properly…while also hiding them from my hubby and praying that he wins ALL of his March Madness bets…because someone has to pay the light bill…*whistling while shoving receipts down the garbage disposal* 

Um…I digress.

On to the goodies!  So, here are the sets that I managed to smuggle into my bathroom cabinet this month –

Clockwise from L-R: Sigma Make Me Crazy Brush Set, Real Techniques Brush Sets, Some of my Faves, Tokidoki Brush Set
Sonia Kashuk Star Studded Limited Edition Brush Set
Tokidoki Brush Set
Sedona Lace Brush Set

It’s hard to pick a favorite set at this point because I have yet to utilize them all to the full extent.  As I said, I’m still learning.  But if I had to pick a front-runner, it would be a two-way tie between the gorgeous Sonia Kashuk set and the cute, quirky but amazingly functional Tokidoki set. 

The good news is that I go back to work next month, after four long but wonderful months of maternity leave with my smallest little bundle of joy, Justin.  No more iPhone surfing while nursing, impulse buying to fight off cabin fever or interrogating the FedEx guy as to why the hell it took him so long to get to MY house if the package went “out for delivery” as of 8AM that morning!  Nope.  I’m on the fast-tracked road to recovery, people!  I’m Lindsay Lohan post-rehab.  I’m Bobby Brown post-crack.  I’m…I’m….

…probably gonna head straight to Ulta on my first lunch break.  


Until next time PrettyFacez…


  1. Hey Meica I looked at the Sedona ones online, they are sold out.... I think I'm going to check out the ones from Tar'get.... Next!!! :-)

  2. Hey BFF,
    I was hoping to see some application 101 on your blog. Will you be posting any. You wouldn't want me walking around looking like I let Ronald McDonald apply my makeup would you.lol